Extraction Systems

Extraction Systems

Supply & Install

Are you looking for a one stop solution for your commercial kitchen extraction needs.


We offer a full design, manfufacture and installation service . 


We provide commercial kitchen extraction for a wide array of business.

Schools, golf clubs, restaurants, cafes, bistros, butchers & farm shops, preperation kitchens, takeaways, pop-up kitchens, food processing factories and every possible type of business that prepares cooked foods

Whether it be a new system, upgrading or an out of regulation system then we can help.



Conultation & Survey:

We offer a free telephone consultation and a free no obligation, site survey

To help us understand the project in more detail, look at the best solutions for ensuring the system meets your needs, causes minimal disruption, it works effectively and that it complies with current regulations in commercial kitchen environments. 




Our team of engineers provide specialist commercial kitchen extraction design. Working with one of design engineers will allow us to provide you with the most detailed, effective and cost effective solution for commercial kitchen extraction system. Workng out the most suitable extraction canopy fit for purpose, the best duct routes ensuring the correct ducting, fan and termination points to ensure the system offers longevity and performance.



Our factory manufactures all of our canopies and associated extraction components.

Which allows us 3 key points, bespoke capabilities to suit every application, keep costs to a minimum and control lead times. 

All our canopies are manufactured to regulation DW172, manufactured from higher qualities of stainless stee, they are aesthetically pleasing and provide the best performance. With bespoke capabilities we can build extract systems to the most challenging of spaces, which allows clean snug finishes and more practical solutions. We manufacutre standard systems too, we have a vast range of standard products which have been tried, tested and developed. 



All our systems are installed by our qualified, experienced extraction installation engineers. Of which most are also qaulified time served fabricators and even electrical works, this allows us to offer a turnkey solution in one-house. Which gives us the finesse to offer the perfect finished product. Whilst having an internal fitting team, it also allows us to be more flexible in our installations, whether thats a tight deadline, installations that will allow minimal downtime or guidance from our team for other trades on site. 


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Types of Systems

Electrical Cooking

using an electrical cooking suite? Then you need our extract only system, the simplest and most cost effective extraction system to provide a safe, clean and enjoyable cooking space. You can add make up air onto the system too, but there  is no regulation to do so.



Extract & Make Up Air System

Do you have gas equipment on your cookline? 

There are two types of systems we offer on gas equipment extraction installations. 

Firstly being a our Mackline Dual System, which incorporates the make up air into the front face of the canopy which allows make up air to be distributed evenly, create an air curtain around your cookline and provide temperature control to the prep areas outside of the cookline. Whilst maintaining the correct Co2 levels to legally operate your commercial kitchen safely. 

Secondly our Mackline Basic System. This system a simpler cost effective solution, where in some cases its not viable to use the Dual System due to ducting limitations or other reason. This system brings in the make up air from another location within the kitchen, using a diffuser system to distribute the air evenly around the kitchen whilst also maintaining Co2 levels. The system could be done via our Basic Air Pod System, a Tile Diffuser System or bespoke duct run solution. 

With all systems, a site survey will always help us work out the best and most cost effective solution





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